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that connects Britain’s best security talent with the people who want to hire them — cutting out the middleman so you can work when you want, for who you want, earning what you deserve.

Either work with the many agencies offering work on our site, or get access to the huge direct marketplace of jobs waiting to be fulfilled.

Rather than chasing money or being subject to company favouritism, build up an impressive reputation with good work and further qualifications with our unique ranking system. You can also give yourself a one up by providing basic equipment and following our tips & tricks posts.

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Founded by a former SIA Door Supervisor, Yolocal was designed to be the best possible deal for the guards.

Yolocal rewards guards for good jobs. Our advanced rating algorithms mean the good work you do enhances your profile — and makes you more attractive to the next set of customers. So when you do a good job, it will get noticed.

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Our huge online marketplace receives tens of thousands of visitors each month — most posting jobs and looking for talent like you. Rather than go through the hard work of finding jobs yourself, sending e-mails, attending meetings, use Yolocal and let your reputation speak for you, and then reflect that in your charge rate.

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