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Have an ongoing contract to manage? Need a big team or management structure? Got a large order that needs payment terms? Our orders team can give you free, no-nonsense advice on what's best for you. If you have a complex need, leave it to us. We’ll look at your requirement and tell you straight-up whether you're best off using our marketplace, or a managed service.


Event Services

Festivals, Concerts, Public Events, Sports, Stadiums and exhibitions With over 390 festivals in the UK each year, 4,000 music venues, 45 major stadiums and an event industry worth £5 billion per annum it is not hard to see why we are such a popular source for on demand security when its needed the most.

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Reviewed Guards

At Yolocal, we understand that picking a guard can be a big decision. You need someone you can count on. So we've got your back. With years of security experience, we know what makes a good guard. So when you view a guard's profile, you'll get metrics that matter to you: satisfaction, timelines, attitude, and dress standard. Plus, you'll see shifts worked, as well as cancellation rate. All the info you need to pick the best man for the job.


SIA Door Supervisors

Bars, Nightclubs, Hotels, Private Parties, Celebrations and special events Decades of experience in security services means we've know how to build an elite network of licensed professionals. From bars and clubs to parties and events, our security specialise in keeping the fun in, and the trouble out—with a smile. So whatever the night, Yolocal has you covered.

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Art & Creative

Art galleries. Showcases. Fashion. Press launches. Antique shows. Auctions.

Sometimes it's all about the image. So when appearance and attitude are top of your list, look no further. Yolocal guards have provided security to some of the biggest galleries and exhibitions in the UK. So when your security needs a high-class touch, our top-quality guards are at your service.

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Business & Residential

Offices. Shopping centres. Retail. Buildings. Warehouses. Residential. When you're in business, you can't afford the cost of crime. With Yolocal, you'll have peace of mind that your stock, store, and staff are protected. Our guards are qualified to guard assets from theft, vandalism or assault. So whether it's ongoing security or on-demand support, we offer a peace of mind that's worth even more than the money it saves.

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TV, Film & Entertainment

Theatre. Filming. TV. Equipment protection. Close protection. Book signings. Red carpet. Award shows.

Stay in the limelight, not in danger. Yolocal lets you search for guards who are well-dressed, highly trained, and ready to deal with the threats that lurk within those crowds. That's why the great security on our site has looked after some of the biggest names in show business. So when it comes to the red carpet, you can trust us. We'll take care of you.

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Yolocal Mobile

We are a developing organisation fresh on the heel of the Mobile App economy. So how ever you work, we are ready to supply you with what you need to keep it all moving.

Customer service is our top priority

Whether it's security or customer service, we're here to help. If you have a query, our support team can get back to you via chat, email or phone call. We aim to respond to all queries within 72 hours. And when you book with Yolocal, we'll issue you a dedicated line just for your booking. So if you ever need us, we're just a call away.

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